One night stand or hook up sex on

One night stand or hook up sex on 

A one-night stand with no strings attached is a great way to add some excitement to your forty plus single dating life. While a steamy night of passion could occur at any moment, being prepared is a great way to ensure that the hook up date lives up to everything you want to get out of the date. Whether you’re a novice or have had several hook up dating experiences, here are our simple tips on how to fully prepare for a sexy hook up date.

Bad personal hygiene on any date is a huge turn off so showering and grooming are two essential factors when it comes to maintaining your personal hygiene. Whether you’re heading out for a hook up date or having a cosy night in with a longer term relationship, make sure you smell the part and look clean and that your breath is fresh.

To ensure that your intimate hook up date goes to plan and you end up in session with your partner goes to plan, take a shower before you meet them. Not only should you shower, make sure to groom other areas of the body to help you feel your best. Remember that confidence is important and looking and smelling your best helps you to feel more comfortable with your forty plus date , then make sure have a good spruce up before your date.

We all know that old underwear can be the comfiest; however, this is not a great way to start off your steamy sexy hook up date night with someone new. Old saggy underwear is another turn off for both men and women so if you are planning to get down and frisky then make sure that when you start to get your gear off that there is some attractive underwear to look at. Make sure it is also clean as holey whities with a skid mark are a big no no.

Remember, going the extra mile not only leaves you feeling confident but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

It may be the last thing on your mind when you’re in the heat of the moment; however, being prepared with condoms and lube is important for your own safety.

Before you meet, make sure that you have a condom ready to ensure that you are both safe, stimulated and satisfied. This will help reduce transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

If you’re thinking about introducing a sex toy into your casual sex date, then make sure you let your hook up lover know.

Looking the part doesn’t just stop at personal hygiene and your choice of grooming. Your home also says a lot about you; therefore, make sure your bed is well made and that the sheets are clean and fresh smelling, to make your intimacy go as well and it can.

If you choose to have casual sex, some people may judge you for it. Think carefully about who you tell about your lifestyle.

If you’re enjoying the single life and some casual sex every now and then, that’s ultimately your choice.

Going home with a stranger has risks. Make sure a friend knows where you’re going, who you’re going with and when you’ll be back – and don’t invite strangers back to your place, especially if you live alone.

Otherwise you could find your valuable items missing after the date or worse your safety could be at risk.


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