Bisexual adventurous dating for the open minded on September 2018

During a warm evenings, you and your bisexual partner can enjoy one another’s company under the stars, and in addition to setting up a tent, you might place a blanket…

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Hands tied

BDSM relationships are not abusive on

BDSM relationships are not abusive any more than vanilla relationships are free from abuse. The only difference is that when you’re in a vanilla relationship, it can be a bit…

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High heels

Tips on building a cross dressing date wardrobe to be proud of on

Building your cross-dressing wardrobe is a fun and exciting project and trying on the various combinations is treat for a cross dresser who loves to dress up and look good….

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If you’re one of the many forty plus seniors with a sexual fantasy of being outdoors while getting sexual pleasure, maybe you should make that a reality on The…

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Handcuffs for bondage on open minded dates

Happiness is fleeting and life is short, many forty plus daters are feeling that they have to experience all that life has to give while they can and while they…

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Drag queen

Come out you sexy cross dresser!

If you have been cross dressing in secret you can meet fellow cross dressers and cross dressing dates and companions online. If you have realised that you love dressing as…

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Why you should let someone choke you when you are enjoying a senior shag date. Yes I did say choke and maybe even spank or bite, scratch and pull hair….

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Shades of casual kinky dating on

While the book 50 Shades of Grey was on the shelves and the film was on the circuit everyone was talking and imagining S&M and BDSM as it was part…

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Truth or dare sex play with

Truth or dare sex play with     September 2018 Truth and dare is a great game for threesomes when you want exciting sexual adventure. You could be married and wanting…

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Swingers dating for forty plus daters

Are you looking for S and M, or sex with different partners then you can find you excitement in World Dating and the mature Swingers Club. Do you find whips…

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