Realising your priorities on

Realising your priorities on 

As someone who has always had plenty of energy to live a full and active life, having long term Covid has come as a shock to me. With the rates of long term Covid not being mentioned it came as a surprise to discover in a news article how many sufferers there are.

Long term Covid is not a joke and the effects and symptoms are very debilitating. Single daters on who are suffering with long term Covid will have to realise that they have to prioritize what is important in their lives to conserve their energy resources. Exhaustion is a huge factor to be considered with long term Covid and realising that you can no longer bounce out of bed and tackle the day like you could before Covid.

I have had to realise that communicating online on is the best that I can do at the moment, so zoom contact is a good option if I am feeling more energetic at the time. This helps to establish if you have things in common and it makes a face to face date meet up when you are feeling more energetic easier and gives you a meet up with a single to look forward too. is a very safe and convenient way of meeting like-minded singles and allows you to establish if you have common lifestyle interests. Online dating on allows you to decide when and where you would like to meet up, so if a quiet coffee and a chat is all you can manage at the time with your energy level you can both agree to meet and arrange that to suit your dating requirements.

The decisions are totally within your control when you have your dating profile on  it will give you the opportunity to meet dating singles who suit your lifestyle, while giving you the choices of when and where to meet. Create your dating profile on   for either a casual hook up or a longer term relationship.

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