beware of scams when single

Keyboard beware of scams when single

We have all heard of romance scams and we should all be aware of not sending money and being ruled by your heart rather than your clear-thinking head, but romance scams are not the only way that you can be scammed as I recently learnt.

The banks are aware of the scams that exist and fortunately they stopped the money payment. When you are single and live on your own it is easy to get caught up in the urgency and emotion of the moment and if you are a single on and have no-one to chat things over with before making a decision it can leave you vulnerable.

I don’t have a partner to discuss things with and i was trying to help my daughter and i thought that I was communicating with my daughter by text message and it was actually the scammers. There is always a sense of urgency and the scammer tries to rush you to make a hasty decision.

If I was in a relationship on I could have talked it through and would have not been so hasty but being single and alone that option was not available. Two heads are better than one, so find your trusted partner on and you can talk thing over and make considered decisions.

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