Social media when dating online with

Social media when dating online with

There are many advantages to being on social media sites. We can keep in touch with friends and family who don’t live near us and we can share pictures to enable them to feel part of events in our lives.

However we need to guard our privacy when online and realise that the rest of the world is out there and that it is not always a safe place to be.

Make sure when you are forty plus dating that you are on a registered site and that it has a good reputation and cares for the particular dating that you are interested in, like for lesbian dating for seniors.

Make sure you are aware and secure and don’t post pictures that you will regret and don’t post personal phone numbers, places of work and private addresses.

Don’t post anything that you may be embarrassed about in years to come. Don’t have any regrets about posting because you will be cautious about what you post in the first place. That goes for drunken pictures or unkind remarks when you are communicating with other forty plus lesbian daters online. Even if you have hurt feelings and would like to get even. Remember never wrestle with a pig, because you won’t win and the pig will enjoy it.

When you first meet a senior lesbian dater and you are getting on well, it is natural to want to know them better. Hold back until you really do know them better. It takes time to get the measure of people.

Inviting them into your world needs to be handled with care and should not be taken lightly.

Don’t conduct your lesbian relationship online for the entire world to see. Not everyone is happy for the world to know that you think they are a great kisser or a blast in bed. Some things are best kept off line as once it is there it is basically public knowledge. Keeping a private diary in the old fashioned way will allow you to express your feelings but in a private way rather than on an online broadsheet that can be a bit incriminating and on public display, when you are forty plus lesbian dating .

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