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Swinging or casual sex and the single man on Matureswingersclub.com May 2019

Real swingers can be have reservations about single men joining the swingers group because many forty plus potential swingers don’t understand what swinging is all about. Many non swingers feel that swingers are just partaking of casual hook up sex.

If you question swingers  why they are reluctant to introduce single men into a swingers group or party is that non swingers are just looking for free for all casual sex.

Are forty plus single men really just looking to get laid and have no comprehension or regard for the swinger lifestyle. It’s okay to want sex and it’s also okay to want to have it with different women and couples, but you really need to appreciate the distinct difference between casual sex and swinging. Swinging groups are close knit groups that are respectful and who look after and appreciate each member of the group. It is not a group of sex addicts who are just in the group for a sexual orgy.

If you are looking for sexual variety and are not looking for romantic involvement, then as long as you realise there is a difference between casual sex and swinging.  For a swinging couple the distinction is very clear, as they are in a secure committed relationship but enjoy the sexual excitement and variety of belonging to a swinging lifestyle.  However what is the difference between having some casual sex and swinging for a single forty plus man?

There is no romantic involvement along with swinging sex however swinging is not classified as no strings sex.

The swinger’s lifestyle is unique from casual sex because the couples in the lifestyle are committed, trusting and often looking to form genuine friendships with those that they have swinging sex with.

Swinger couples seek sexual partners that they trust and can build a real rapport with and often play with the same swinging people on a regular basis. Swinging is about sexual experimentation and enjoyment but for swingers it is an extension of a committed long term relationship rather than a simple casual sex hook up.

For the most part, the male half of these swinger couples are not interested in having sex with other men. Therefore when a single man enters the group it can seem that he is just interested in having sex with their wives. Where as a couple makes the encounter more even.

Many female swingers enjoy being sexual with other women, so a single woman is less threatening.

So as you can see most swinging is intended to be enjoyed as couples.

There is a certain level of respect found in swinging that isn’t often there with casual sex hook ups and no strings casual sex.

Understanding what the swinger’s lifestyle is really all about helps when you are looking to join the swingers excitement.

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