Social media when dating online with

Social media when dating online with There are many advantages to being on social media sites. We can keep in touch with friends and family who don’t live near…

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Lesbian couple

Meeting for coffee or a drunken date on

Meeting for coffee or a drunken date on One in four British singles admit they rely on drinking for dating confidence. But, with many Brits embracing a drier lifestyle. Drier…

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Woman in bra

Banter between lesbian singles on

Banter between lesbian singles on  March 2019 There’s always the important question of what to say when communicating online with a senior single lesbian. makes meeting and communicating…

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Woman with dog

Be confident on a first date on

Be confident on a first date on If you have been communicating online with a lesbian dater who has sparked your interest and feel that a first date is…

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Compatibility sexually on

When it comes to talking about sex, we can be reserved. But this reserved nature can lead to  relationships being sexually incompatible. Sexual compatibility or physical intimacy means long-term relationship…

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Woman with guitar

Conversation on lesbian dates for naughty lesbians on

How do you talk to another girl if you are shy and perhaps inexperienced in the senior lesbian dating scene? It could be that you are still curious and trying…

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How to Have the Best First Date on

Imagine your very own lesbian date where the chemistry is so intense that you think about that forty plus date more than you feel is normal after a first date….

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High heels

Lesbian daters on

If you are a little nervous about how the conversation will flow when you start dating another woman and perhaps breaking out of the closet is a stressful situation for…

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Lesbian and bisexual dates on

There’s been a rise in the interrelationships between bisexual and bi curious women and lesbians. This indeed is a healthy trend, especially when you consider the fact that till recently…

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Make sure your dating profile is the true you on

If you are quiet and reserved then don’t be afraid to show this off as you’re more likely to attract someone who loves that about you when you are looking…

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