Daters to avoid when online on

Daters to avoid when online on When you start feeling uncomfortable at the way you are being treated in a forty plus dating  BDSM relationship then you need to…

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Woman outside

How do you like your sex, dominating or submissive?

How do you like your sex, dominating or submissive ? Do you like you ese fully charged and raving? Are you dominating or do you enjoy the process of…

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BDSM Dating with

BDSM Dating with  When thinking about BDSM dates many daters who have never tried the BDSM play are likely to focus on BDSM’s erotic reputation and the example of erotica that…

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Mistress BDSM

Submissive to your mistress on

Submitting to a BDSM Mistress or dom can mean that you have to build up an attraction or sometimes there is an instant attraction but finding a BDSM partner is…

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Enjoying BDSM dating on

A lot of people who only enjoy vanilla sex and standard intimacy don’t understand the appeal behind bondage and sadomasochism. This is because they are used to seeing sex as…

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High heels

Learn how to dominate with sexplay on

Forty plus daters often feel uncomfortable at the mention of BDSM or a Dominatrix. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misconception about BDSM and dominance. Please follow and like…

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Hands tied

BDSM relationships are not abusive on

BDSM relationships are not abusive any more than vanilla relationships are free from abuse. The only difference is that when you’re in a vanilla relationship, it can be a bit…

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Handcuffs for bondage on open minded dates

Happiness is fleeting and life is short, many forty plus daters are feeling that they have to experience all that life has to give while they can and while they…

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