Too many heartbreaks can affect your body and health meet casual daters on

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Too many heartbreaks can affect your body and health meet casual daters on

Ever wondered why you feel so bad after a breakup or a forty plus dating rejection. What happens to your emotions and body when you go through a break-up? There are scientific reasons that feel so broken after a breakup and also why more people are opting for no strings casual sex rather than trying for a long term relationship and the drama that goes along with relationships. Avoid the broken heart and stick to casual hookups on

We’ve all had that sucker punch feeling that takes your breath away and makes you feel sick and it is a horrible heartbreaking feeling.

Physically it is can be a devastating and the withdrawal can be like giving up smoking. This devastation can last for weeks and can lead to a general low mood and if you have had to stop yourself sending that late night text then you know what I am talking about.

Is it any wonder that more forty plus daters are deciding to meet for drama free shags that trying to start a new relationship. Many forty plus daters still love the feeling of sex and the touch of another forty plus body but they don’t want the strings that go along with a relationship.

In a similar way to low mood, depression strikes after a breakup when your body starts to adapt to the feeling that you once felt that you were loved but the reality was that you were being taken for a ride. This depression can even make you want to swallow your pride, or whatever is left of it and beg to be taken back!! Don’t do it …  have a shag instead. It will make you feel far more satisfied and might even be sexier. Than the hum drum sex that you were getting in your relationship!

The drop in self-worth that often comes after a break-up can make everything feel like too much effort but if you create your profile online for a shag date you will get a definite lift in your mood and the excitement could be just what you need. There is no need to feel the prolonged stress and anxiety of a relationship loss. Meet for a no strings shag. The excitement and physical activity of a great shag will also sort out any problems you may be having with insomnia too.  I can’t promise you a good night’s rest but the satisfaction of a great shag may be just what you need to help your low mood and the sexual activity will sort out those lethargic feelings to.

Have a no strings shag will give you those endorphins and give you those feel-good vibes you need to get over your ex. Guess what it will also be good for your complexion too. What’s not to enjoy with a good shag..

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