Using compliments and sweet talk on a

Lesbian couple

Using compliments and sweet talk on a

Using complimentary sweet talk on a senior Bi-date can win you points but they have to be genuine and sincere, and a few meaningful ones are better than loads of compliments that are basically just an effort to create a favourable impression. Less is more, when it is sincere. Being sincere changes the date into a meaningful meeting with possible bi-partner.

Use compliments fairly sparingly because if you overdo them they become insincere, especially if you’ve only known the dater for ten minutes. The best compliments are based on something your Bi-date has said or something they’re wearing, rather than something slightly abstract. Don’t start calling them pet names for example, as this is intrusive and insincere and means nothing. Complimenting them on the way they speak or something they’ve done will make a difference.

If you’re paid a compliment, accept it graciously. With a simple thank you rather than brushing it off, as being silly.

Never underestimate the importance of a smile as this will make your face brighter and you will seem more approachable. If you are happy and smiling the atmosphere of the date becomes more relaxed and people who smile and have a sunshine personality make the world a happier brighter place.

Hold their eye contact a little bit longer as if you are really interested in them and enjoy looking at them, this shows you’re interested. Slightly leaning in towards them gives the impression that you would like to be nearer to them. If they reciprocate or lean in, then you know things are going pretty well.

Choose upbeat topics such as your date’s hobbies and interests, the things you have in common, food, films, holidays and clothes. The language you use has to be sprinkled with the right kind of adjectives that make your date feel like they are appreciated. That’s all part of the charm and flirtatious nature of a enjoyable and successful bi-date on

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