Vivid dreams during COVID-19 and dating on

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Vivid dreams during COVID-19 and dating on 

For many single daters, living in a COVID-19 world feels as if we have been thrown into an alternative reality our world has been turned on its head. We live day and night inside our homes.  We shop online and work from home. We fear touching groceries that arrive at our doorstep. If we venture out of our home’s we wear masks and sanitise our hands, and we get anxious if we pass someone who is not wearing a mask and staying several feet apart. We have trouble discerning faces. It’s like living in a dream like world.

COVID-19 has altered our dreams and sleeping habits too. We are dreaming more and more vividly.  We remember and the nature of our dreams and our sleep is restless. Meet singles on to dream about.

Early this year, when the first lockdown rules came into force many people reported having vivid dreams. There was a dream surge. A global increase in the reporting of vivid, bizarre dreams, many of which are concerned with coronavirus and social distancing. Terms such as coronavirus dreams, lockdown dreams and COVID nightmares emerged on social media. By early April, social and mainstream media outlets had begun broadcasting the message: the world is dreaming about COVID-19. Many single daters discussed having unusual vivid dreams, even those you had rarely dreamed before the pandemic.

Many people report having frequent dreams after experiencing stressful events such as 9/11  in 2001 and the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, a surge of this magnitude had never been documented so widely. As a dream “event,” the pandemic is unprecedented. Many single daters are discussing their strange dreams.

These dreams can be related to the uncertainty and the mental health challenges. Talking and communication with other singles online can help the stress and feelings of isolation and daters who are in contact with other daters report that the nightmares and stressful dreams eased and sometimes stopped altogether.

Results of these inquiries, not yet published in journals but available in preliminary form online, document the precipitous surge, the striking variety of dreams and many related mental health effects. Many singles who are isolated and not in regular communication online with other singles can suffer from anxiety.

More recently singles have said that changes in dream emotions and concerns about health take frequent space in the current dreams. Other singles report feelings of fear anger sadness contamination and cleanliness in their dreams which are all signs that the Covid pandemic is infiltrating of our dream world.

These emotions were more prevalent among people who felt increased stress during the day. A study of nurses revealed that 45 percent experienced nightmares.  Threats of contagion and social distancing taxing dreaming’s capacity to regulate emotions; and social and mainstream media amplifying the public’s reaction to the surge. We need to communicate with other single daters online to help regulate our thoughts and to keep in touch with the real world and real communication.

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