When breaking up is hard to do on seniorlesbians.com

When breaking up is hard to do on seniorlesbians.com

When we are forty plus we are familiar with the first stage of a breakup that is hard to take and is   characterised by crying and eating cake and ice cream and drinking wine and binge watching sad romantic boxsets.

Understanding the reasons way a forty plus lesbian relationship has ended is the critical first step to dealing with the emotional overload. We need to go through the soul searching stage.

If you were in a long term lesbian relationship you will have developed an emotional dependency on your lesbian partner and the sudden absence can be traumatic and heartbreaking. Try writing down what you are feeling and the reasons for the breakup. This can release emotions and help to clarify your mind and help you to get your emotions in order.

Logic can desert us when our heart is broken and this is the first step to restoring some reason, it why the lesbian relationship you were in has come to an end. This will also help you to realise that the relationship cannot be fixed as the breakup was not trivial and that the sooner you accept this the better and the sooner you can move on with your life. The quicker you move on the quicker you will recover and you can stop stalking your ex lesbian lover and look forward to meeting another lesbian partner that will put the spring back in your step.

You can learn from a broken relationship and it could be a tremendous growth period in your life.

Failed relationships are life-lessons. You can learn to avoid the same relationship pitfalls with your next lesbian partner, even if that seems a long way off at the moment. A serious distraction is required so try home decor, exercise or learning a new skill or start a new hobby that you have always wanted to do.

Grab the chance to create your online dating profile on seniorslesbians.com  and go out with your single friends.

Whether it’s books, film, music or planning a beach holiday try anything that takes your mind off the break up is a good plan. Vigorous exercise is effective at combatting the blues and you will see the difference in the way you look and feel. It will also make you feel more confident to get back on the dating scene to take advantage of the newly acquired knowledge about what doesn’t work in your lesbian relationships.


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