When you discover that you have nothing in common on Singlesdatingcompany.com

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When you discover that you have nothing in common on Singlesdatingcompany.com

We’ve all had moments where we have met a single dater and thought that there was a connection, and then they announce that they really don’t like Star Wars or the Avenger movies and they would prefer to go to the ballet.

Instantly, you start to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. Are you really immature and should you have grown out of comic book hero’s many years ago?

Having something in common versus opposites attract has been an ongoing dating debate between singles for decades. Do you chuckle at each other’s little quirks or do they irrigate and annoy you. Would a singles relationship genuinely work if something so important to you was compromised by the single dater that you could potentially spend many years in a relationship with?

What if you love the rock music and they get a headache listening to anything other than smooth FM.? Is this a problem or is it trivial in a relationship, some would say that there are more important things, but I disagree. For some, their favourite type of music is genuinely very important to them. Watching a movie or listening to music is the way that most people relax and the way that they spend their leisure time, so if you cannot relax peacefully together then it makes social times together difficult.

When it comes to music, concerts can be a very fun night out and if both partners can compromise then they could have a great social time out together.

However what about the things about us that are a little bit more personal and integral?

Religion could be a deal breaker. A single who is a Christian may find they have their beliefs and morals challenged by someone of a different religion, or someone who doesn’t have a religion. These differences come with many challenges.

Strongly held views on politics can play either a part in a person’s life, and there are many different political views. There are some issues that people cannot compromise on. If you are strongly left or right wing the difference can lead to heated differences.

Relationships are about compatibility, and having things in common help and being true to who you are is a vital aspect to your self-confidence. If you are changing so much about yourself to fit a specific mould, then perhaps it’s not the right relationship for you.

Being who you are will find you the right person, at the right time.

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