Whether you are in for a frolic or a serious relationship singlesdatingcompany.com is here for you

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Whether you are in for a frolic or a serious relationship singlesdatingcompany.com is here for you

Whether you’re frolicking with a new dater or the love of your life, banishing these habits from the bedroom will keep you happier, both in and out of the sheets.

It’s impossible to know your partner’s desires right from the start and the beginning of any relationship is a learning curve so working together to ensure a closer more intimate relationship is part of the fun. The more regular the sex the more you will please each other.

Don’t bring your grievances into the bed. When you bring your anger and resentments to into the bedroom, you turn a space for pleasure into a battleground. This anger could lead to withholding sex as punishment. If you’re upset with your partner, work it out in another room or deal with it on another occasion so that you don’t associate the bedroom with negative experiences.

If forty plus daters are focused on the sex or foreplay they’re not getting instead of talking about what they want, it can lead to problems.

Discuss what you want in a language that will increase passion and that will take any criticism out of the issues that you are raising. Bear in mind that both partners need to be comfortable with any requests and should not be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe or demeaned.

A popular myth is that daters who have sex several times a week are generally happier than their less-sexually active counterparts. However, while having sex once a week will likely strengthen your bond, any more than that will probably not improve your well-being. Many women who are having casual sex or are having sex for the first time don’t orgasm. The best part about being intimate is having fun. Women need to zone out of reality to experience arousal so if they are stressed then they are unlikely to orgasm. For women, fantasy could be a helpful way to detach from the events of the day and tune in instead to time with your partner.



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