Write your dogging profile on Seniordogging.com


Write your dogging profile on Seniordogging.com

When you want to create a dating profile be honest about yourself and also what your desires and requirements are. Give enough information about yourself to create interest but not personal or contactable details. If you are into dogging and are looking for dogging hook-ups, tell other daters how far you are prepared to travel to a location and if you are looking for dogging sex or if you are more interested in watching. If you enjoy oral play, and if you are ok with mixed genders, then state that on your profile.

In the case of a dogging dating profile, everything about dogging is built around being selfish, and you only interested in one experience and unlikely to meet up again so it is all about you and your pleasure. Each dogger is only interested in their own  satisfaction and their own libido, and they don’t care about any other dogger there. It is just about the ego and self satisfaction.

Creating your profile on seniordogging.com will ensure you get a dogging experience, either as a performer or as a spectator. The basics that you need to put on your dogging profile is measurements and sexy pictures of body parts that a doggers would want to see to encourage either dogging hook ups or voyeurism so that you can encourage other doggers to arrange to meet up to satisfy their kink.

Women are going to be interested is someone who looks clean and groomed and takes care of himself. Men you need to smell good and look good even when you are dogging. This is an undisputable truth. A bit of subtle bragging is allowed by a blatant full on in your face picture will be off putting. Let leave a little to be surprised about ok! If your dating description is wrong and too vulgar about sex, it will be off putting even though women who come to dogging sites only come for sex, and they are looking for men that will give them good sex.  No, you have to make it sexy but classy.

You are never advised to be yourself, you have to be a fantasy so that doggers are interested in the fiction. There are not there to have sex with the real world they are there to be used by the fantasy the fiction and the mystery. The world is boring that’s why doggers want the excitement and the adventure. That way you can get them to play along.




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