You are never too old for shagging on

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You are never too old for shagging on

Do you feel that because you are a forty plus you are too old for casual no strings shagging?
Do you feel that the forty plus years have left you too old to enjoy singles casual sexy dates on

Then reconsider your lifestyle, desires and fantasies, because many forty plus singles are enjoying a good shag without a thought of starting a relationship. Many forty plus singles are still very sexually active and enjoy shagging but would never think about being in a relationship. Many singles enjoy the freedom of liberating great sex but don’t want the aspect of living with a partner or having to be in a relationship. They enjoy their freedom far to much to be committed.

If you are seeking to meet intelligent singles for great shagging fun without thinking about relationships don’t let the accumulating years as a senior single work against you. Create your dating profile on and think about no strings sex in a positive way again.Non-committed sex is not just for the young, many seniors enjoy sexual freedom without the strings too.

“Youth is wasted on the young.” many seniors have got a lot going for them, they know what the like and enjoy and enjoy and can pick and choose without feeling that they need to worry about what others think of them. Many seniors don’t care what others think because they are too busy living life.

Online dating profiles on a shagging site makes senior single shagging easier and far safer. It also means that when you are on a shagging site there is no mistaking that you are just after a no strings shag and not looking for a long-term relationship.

Be clear about what you are looking for. You must know your needs so it pays to spell it out on your profile. If you are wanting a shag you don’t need to mention that you like the theatre and holding hands on the beach. If you need a shagger then mentioning that you like rough sex and not adverse to anal sex and that you enjoy giving and receiving oral. That is what people who are looking for a shag need to know.

If I am looking for a shag dater I want to know that they are clean friendly considerate, sexually and otherwise, that you are not going to come in five minutes, as you have to stay the distance or what is the point, and that you are open to a bit of experimentation.

Get with the shagging lifestyle if you are not interested in a relationship but love exciting sex

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